Top Tips – For Business Success


1) Have fun

There’s no point losing sleep (except due to excitement) over any business. Keep you life balanced right. Don’t spend more time developing your business at the cost of social or family life. You only get one shot in life, don’t waste it and remember your reason for starting your own business in the first place.

2) Change your mindset

Unfortunately at school, we are taught by people who do not run their own businesses and cannot therefore give us any real life, practical advice except train us for employment. Thus, we are given a bias from a very early age and general we are trained both mentally and emotionally to become employees rather than business owners. That is the training we receive and it can be very difficult breaking out of this mental training we receive at such an early age and for so many years.

3) Keep It Simple

Don’t make any business over complicated. The simpler you keep it in your own mind, the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

4) Define your “reason”

If you don’t have a reason for starting your own business you will almost certainly fail. Clearly define (even write it down on paper and pin it to your PC if it helps) your long term goal. For example, you may want to pay your mortgage, you may want to buy a new car, you may want to quit a job you hate or you may even want to be totally financially secure. Whatever your reason, make sure you define it and them aim for it. If you don’t know where you are going you’ll never be able to tell if you’re heading in the right direction!

A great video to help you understand why you need to define your “reason”…

5) Set goals

It doesn’t matter what you current skills and experiences are – we can all take one step forward. Set yourself easy to achieve targets e.g. “Find 1 customer this week”. It’s far easier to walk 1,000 miles by walking 1 mile at a time. Hitting an easy to achieve target will also give you motivation that encourages you and keeps you going for the long term. Gradually increase your goals and targets as you gain experience and confidence.

6) Don’t quit!

Seems like a common sense tip yet it still needs saying. I’ve been running my own business full time online since 2004 and by far the biggest mistake I see is people giving up within 6 months (or worse still, within 10 minutes!). You cannot seriously expect to make a fortune overnight – if it was genuinely possible, we’d all be retired by now and there’d be no one in work. It doesn’t happen – the evidence all around us proves that.

It will take many many months and possibly years to grow a business. Be realistic from the start. Keep track of your progress so you know if you are on course or not. I’ve seen many people give up when they were right on course, but just didn’t realise it.

7) Don’t compare yourself with others

A hear a lot of people say “Hey Mujaser, I don’t have the skills you’ve got”. That’s the whole point. No one has all the skills necessary to make any business work. Don’t try to learn the skills others have either – simply learn how to harness their skills! Try to avoid the trap of thinking you have to do everything yourself. You don’t. All the opportunities I hightlight allow you to build a virtual workforce – a key ingredient in any long term successful strategy.

8) Work consistently

Keep your working hours consistent and manageable. If you are in a full time job, don’t expect to be able to spend more than 5- 10 hours per week starting your business. However, be consistent and stick at it.

9) Be professional

Make sure the time you do spend on your business is professionally managed. I find the best way to do this is to pretend I am employed by someone else who is paying me 100 euro an hour to work for them. If I sit there aimlessly surfing the internet and not being focused on my work would I be sacked? Yes! Be professional in your approach and you will reach a professional level of income. If you treat it like a hobby, you will get a hobby income.

10) Be realistic

Don’t expect to be able to quit your day job within a week of starting your own business. Work out how many customers you will need to achieve the level of income you desire and then work out how many you will need per week to achieve your goal within your timeframe you feel is realistic.

11) Be careful who you listen to.

In short, if you want to make a lot of money, who are you best to listen too? A millionaire or your best friend? I hope the answer is obvious! There is no one better to listen too (and take action on the basis of that advice) than someone who has walked the walk. Don’t listen to people who haven’t got any qualifications to give you advice on making lifetime incomes or building a successful business.

12) Take ACTION!

This is THE most important advice I can give you. Don’t get “information paralysis”. Don’t want for everything to be “perfect”. You will wait for ever. Just take ACTION and get started TODAY and you will see results from those actions. There are millions of people around the world who would love to have financial freedom – but you know what? – they will NEVER achieve it because they simply refuse to DO SOMETHING about their current situation. Don’t be one of those people. Even though you may feel completely out of your depth, just get started.

Two billionaires give you their words of wisdom….

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